Thailand (Chiang Rai)

June 27, 2012

Memorial to an early King of the region.
People who love Thailand but consider Bangkok too hot, too big, and too congested often prefer Chiang Mai. Those who think Chiang Mai is still too big and congested often opt for Chiang Rai, also in the north.

I spent a couple of days here relaxing at a nice resort in the outskirts of Chiang Rai, seeing an old friend, and checking out the city which is more of a stopover place for travelers, rather than a real destination. All in all, the city itself, despite some nice temples, seemed somewhat dull.

Like all Thai cities and towns, Chiang Rai is filled with many beautiful, golden Buddhist temples.
Left: View from the lobby of Le Méridien looking a tributary of the Mekong.
Right: My British bud's ambitious start on a grand compound outside Chiang Rai.
Couldn't they have embellished this
clock tower just a little bit more?