Balkan Travel

10 June 2011

My 2011 Balkan adventure
  • started with Moldova (including Transnistria);
  • then flew to Belgrade to go south to other stops in Serbia;
  • then drove across Kosovo, stopping mainly as Pristina;
  • followed by Macedonia (Skopje & Ohrid); 
  • Albania (Berat & Tirana); 
  • Montenegro (Budva & Kotor);
  • Dubrovnik at the southern tip of Croatia;
  • then into Bosnia (Mostar & Sarajavo, with a day trip to Višegrad.
In prior years, I had traveled in Romania, Bulgaria, and other parts of Croatia.

With new guides/drivers in each country, my travels were arranged Bestway, offering the first itinerary across all countries of the former Yugoslavia (plus Albania).

This map of the Balkan ethnic mosaic was posted by Philippe Rekacewicz at Le Monde Diplomatic.