Balkan Travel

June 10, 2011

This Balkan swing began with travel around Moldova;
then I flew to Belgrade to travel south to stops in Serbia;

then drove to Kosovo and then Macedonia (Skopje & Ohrid);
next Albania (Berat & Tirana) and Montenegro (Budva & Kotor);
visited Dubrovnik at the southern tip of Croatia; then went into
Bosnia (Mostar & Sarajavo, with a short visit to Republika Srpska).
On prior trips years earlier, I had traveled in Romania, Bulgaria,
and other parts of Croatia.
To see in sequence, start with Moldova and click on "newer posts."

My travels were arranged as an earlier version of the Balkan tour offered by Bestway.

This brilliant map of the Balkan ethnic mosaic is by Philippe Rekacewicz at Le Monde Diplomatic.