Bangaan Rice Terraces, one of the five UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ifugao, were small but stunning.

Video Travel Maps

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The 2022 travel map shows that most of my travels focused on Europe and then, after autumn at the university, heading for Chile and Brazil.

Chile ~ Atacama


Joining Brazilians touring Rainbow Valley (Valle del Arcoiris) in Chile's Atacama Desert. 

Germany ~ Opera

Curtain call featuring phenomenal James Kee (in a pick raincoat and underwear) after singing the lead in a radical new version

USA ~ Orcas Island

My sister Kathy's big birthday celebration on Orcas Island, Washington, USA.

Cruise Across Europe

From the Black Sea to the North Sea via the Danube, a canal, the Main, and the Rhine: Over 2,200 miles (3,500+ km)

Italy ~ Venice

I'd wanted to return to Venice since backpacking there after college. Stories of the mobs of tourists had dissuaded me.


Cruise on the Douro River after exploring central Portugal.

No surprise that Portugal has become so popular, not 

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