Norway ~ Tromsø

Dog sledding near Tromsø was the highlight of the trip! 

Argentina ~ Salta

With fellow tourist Hannah at the huge salt flat called Salinas Grande in Argentina's northernmost province.

Germany ~ Hamburg

With longtime friend Suzanne and new friend Holly in front of the medieval Holsten Gate in Lübeck, near Hamburg.

Bothnia & Baltic Cruise

From Skuleberget, looking out at Swedish pine forests and deep blue bays near Örnsköldsvik.

Faroe Islands

Exploring the scenic Faroe Islands on a cold but beautiful day.

Italy ~ Puglia

The conical trulli of Alberobello are Puglia's most celebrated tourist attraction.

Corsica & Sardinia

In Milan at the Galleria on the day before my flight to Sardinia.

Corsica belongs to France and Sardinia to Italy, but

Australia ~ Kimberley

King George Falls (Oomari Falls) in The Kimberley

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