Setting foot on Antarctica, my seventh continent, at blustery, beautiful Neko Harbour.

South Georgia Island

Adolescent elephant seals relaxing in South Georgia Island.
(Courtesy of Brit Brenda for whom seals and penguins eagerly posed.)

Falkland Islands

First day in the Falklands, punk Southern Rockhopper penguins like these stole the show amid the large colony of black-browed albatrosses at West Point Island.

Cruise to Antarctica

The Silver Explorer and a few of the penguins at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia.

Seventh and my last continent, here I come. But I did not want to cruise this far south and only see Antarctica.

India ~ Chennai, Goa, Delhi

With fashion designer and writer Wendell Rodricks (right), his partner Jerome Marrell (left), model Charmaine Shackleton, and Sophia posed too.
After Sri Lanka I flew north to

Sri Lanka V

Kites at sunset over Colombo's Galle Face green.
Last year my extensive trip around the island hit the key destinations. (See my highlights here.)  But I'm still infatuated with Sri Lanka so

Rhône Valley ~ France

Château de Grignan, a medieval castle turned into a Renaissance palace, on the hilltop above the little village of Grignan and its lavender fields.

  1. See the south of France

Cabo Verde

Sunset on Cabo Verde's Fogo Island.

After exploring three Canary Islands, we left the EU and flew much farther south to the country of Cabo Verde, our final Macaronesian archipelago.

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