India ~ Ganges

Typical scene of people bathing and washing colorful clothes along the Ganges as viewed from our ship on a trip up the river.

After my two-week cruise in Assam going

India ~ Assam

In Assam at a Bodo silk-weaving village before watching a beautiful Bagudumba dance.

Galápagos Islands

A couple of the famed Galápagos blue-footed boobies; like most creatures here, they are naively unafraid of humans.

Columbia ~ Medellín

Medellín's most famous artist and sculptor was Fernando Botero known for his smooth bloated creations. (Some bloating in front of the sculpture too.)

French Polynesia

Helmet diving in Bora Bora, one of the highlights of this ill-fated trip.
Solar eclipse trips can take you to fascinating locales and dazzle you with mind-blowing celestial thrills.

Thailand ~ Phuket

Acro Yoga at Phuket Cleanse, a phenomenal retreat in Phuket, Thailand.
After reading wildly enthusiastic reviews on TripAdvisor, I gave this


Setting foot on Antarctica, my seventh continent, at blustery, beautiful Neko Harbour.

South Georgia Island

Adolescent elephant seals relaxing in South Georgia Island.
(Courtesy of Brit Brenda for whom seals and penguins eagerly posed.)

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