Greece ~ Athens

Amazing to have the Parthenon all to myself and only three other people. 

196 Countries

Visited all countries in the world 

Central African Republic

An upbeat moment (between my risks in CAR) with friendly students and museum directors at the small Boganda Museum in Bangui.  

Iceland ~ Fagradalsfjall

Always wanted to see a serious active volcano up close and Iceland's newly erupted Fagradalsfjall turned out to be perfect.

South Sudan

South Sudan, independent since 2011, is indeed "the world's newest country." Mundari cattlemen shown here with a Texas cattleman's son.

Yemen ~ Socotra

First time to see one of Socotra's famous dragon blood trees (with guide Wagdi).

Since 2014, the mainland of Yemen has suffered from a multi-sided, complicated civil war

Egypt ~ Sinai & Cairo

Listed on TripAdvisor as a top thing to see in Sharm el Sheikh, the King Tut Museum turned out to consist entirely of brilliant replicas.

Colombia ~ Cartagena

In Cartagena with fruit sellers dressed in the colors of the Colombian flag just before my shirt became drenched in the heat.

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