29 December 2014

Pics of unexpected cell phone users have become a travel photo cliche but
I continue to be surprised such as when this seemingly poor fisherman on distant
Rolas Island whipped out his cell phone and chatted for a while.

We focused on northern Mozambique:
Pemba and the Quirimbas
Archipelago (Ibo & Rolas Islands)
Mozambique basics:
  • Portuguese rule ended in 1975 after a ten-year war for independence.
  • A one-party Marxist regime nationalized private industry and presided over a general economic collapse and famine.
  • Perhaps a million people were killed in a brutal civil war against anti-communist guerrillas.
  • In 1990, a new president moved Mozambique toward a market-based economy, privatized many state-owned companies, and initiated a multi-party system.
  • While the economy has improved, Mozambique is still one of the poorest countries in the world despite its enormous natural resources.

Always love the massive African baobab trees

Left/right: Statues of revolutionary leaders of Mozambique
Center: With my Pemba guide and driver

One day we went swimming, snorkeling, and walking around little Rolas Island.

Traditional music at Ibo Island

Left: Ibo Island art salesman
Center: Rolas Island fishing family
Right: German hotel owner's son and his friend on Ibo Island

Christmas dinner off the coast of Mozambique with a really great group. The explorers on board are mostly Brits, plus a few Australians, three Austrians, and just one American.