13 July 2017

The ten friendly fun hikers on my Switzerland trip by the peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Our itinerary covered famous parts of the Swiss Alps (St. Moritz, Zermatt, Interlaken, Grindelwald) plus three key cities (Zurich, Bern and Luzern) in the flatter north.

The Swiss railway and bus system lived up to its reputation as much a marvel of precision.

With wonderful leader Pam who smoothly showed us spectacular Switzerland.
Here we are on the way to the top of Jungfraujoch.

Walking around the 11,300+ feet (3,400+m) altitude of Jungfraujoch takes your breath away literally as well as figuratively.

Europe's largest, the Aletsch glacier, viewed from the Jungfraujoch.

On top of Jungfraujoch with Donna and the gang (photo by Rosy).

Of the charming Swiss cities we visited, Bern was my favorite.
I backpacked in Switzerland after college and more recently I'd gone through Zurich on the way to Liechtenstein, but this year I got to see a lot more of Switzerland. My trip also included an unplanned short overnight visit at a Swiss hospital. See photo below.
My first time to visit a hospital overseas ~ at least it was a brief stay in antiseptic Switzerland with a beautiful view from my room, even if the price was as high as the mountains and they misdiagnosed me as having Hep E! But all is well now.