Thailand ~ Phuket

30 June 2019

Acro Yoga at Phuket Cleanse, a phenomenal retreat in Phuket, Thailand.
After reading wildly enthusiastic reviews on TripAdvisor, I gave this boutique, rejuvenation retreat a try and I was blown away. Phuket Cleanse has it all:
  • Delicious healthy food
  • Carefully constructed juicing options
  • Incredibly personalized attention
  • Warm, smart, supportive staff
  • Friendly, easy-going guests
  • Interesting, informative lectures
  • Varied exercise activities at all levels
  • Lots of creative yoga and meditation options, even for novices
  • A refreshing ice bath after the steam room
  • Info and access to cutting-edge medical resources
  • Deeply committed, wonderful owners Mel and Stanton
  • And, as an all-inclusive package (even including free same-day laundry), Phuket Cleanse is an extraordinary value. More on that later. Let's take a look around.

My favorite morning walk included circling Naiharn Lake.

Walking past the temples at Naiharn Lake at sunrise.

Our walks from the lake up to Windmill Hill offered a fine view of Naiharn Beach, nearly empty in the early morning off season. One day the destination had a rainbow, probably arranged by Rita and Mel.

At the top of Windmill Hill with adorable Amy and dynamo Danny.
My results and the whole experience were so great that I cancelled my post-Thailand visits to Cambodia and Taiwan, so that I could stay a full month at Phuket Cleanse. I gained energy, strength, insights, and friends.
Meals were delicious and primarily vegan (but with eggs and salmon options); plus "weekend juicing" was a popular choice too. Look at that single meal of six juices above.

With Kevin, Arianne, Huda, and Max (who worked us over in his foam roller session).
Cannot say enough good things about how upbeat and likeable the guests and staff were. Huda is funny and super smart, and I hated to see her leave a week before I did. Instant rapport with Kevin and Arianne, who'd booked an annoyingly short stay. And new staff jock Max turned out to be comic genius and a super nice guy. Now I feel guilty not writing tributes to two dozen other interns and staff member.

With Amy and Danny for the awesome aerial yoga class with Stas.

With Niche who gave the best hugs every day; and with Kyrsten and Kish, smart, smiling, superb dancers.

OK, one more acro yoga pic with Stas, ready to fly.

My month at Phuket Cleanse was so busy, yet relaxing, that I only went "off the reservation" this once to celebrate the health triumphs of amazing Steen and brilliant Jodi along with adventurous Ayrley and dazzling Tamara.

Pixels preferred to the extra scary half of this beauty and beast photo. After a week of talking with Sam, this mellow, kind, unpretentious, sweet woman, I learned she is French rocker Samaha Sam of Shaka Ponk. Check this out. (Right photo: Instagram.)

Cool Kevin and Arianne at one of Phuket Cleanse's nicest villas.

Stanton Proctor and Melanie Proctor,
the caring and creative geniuses behind Phuket Cleanse.

Sunset at Yanui Beach, another favorite destination for long walks.

Trying hard not to choke up the day I left.
I plan to return in December and at least once a year going forward!

My suggestions:
 ✔ Go for ten days or more to get the most out of it.
 ✔ Try juicing here on the weekends, if not longer.
 ✔ Challenge yourself with the ice bath, aerial yoga, and more.
 ✔ Consider low season (May-Oct); sporadic rain was not bad.

 ✔ If in doubt, look at the Instagram photos and scan the hundreds of overwhelmingly glowing reviews at

I've been to famous Canyon Ranch (both AZ and MA). And for me Phuket Cleanse is far better.

But what about the cost? Is Phuket Cleanse more expensive? Just the opposite. Canyon Ranch costs three times as much! So, again, Phuket Cleanse wins big. Go for it.

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