Italy ~ Venice

05 June 2022

I'd wanted to return to Venice since backpacking there after college. Stories of the mobs of tourists had dissuaded me.

My plot was return as soon as the pandemic barriers fell and before the crowds arrived. Alas, I failed. Totally.

By the time I arrived, the hoards had returned, packing the narrow lanes, even without the thousands who had previously come in on cruise ships.

Walking anywhere near the Rialto bridge or other key areas required courageous jostling and weaving — not leisurely, carefree strolling.

And yet Venice is so unique and spectacular that the hassle was worth it — at least for 48 hours, then I fled.

A view of St. Mark's Square and beyond (before the crowds arrive) from the top of the Basilica.

Venice had wonderful, calm galleries. One of my favorite galleries had big cubist animal sculptures on display for the upper five figures, but I thought maybe I could splurge on this cool, smaller, 20" tall bear. Without blinking, the man tells me "5,000 €" and I realized I really lacked the right place to put it.