USA ~ Orcas Island

01 July 2022

My sister Kathy's big birthday celebration on Orcas Island, Washington, USA.

For a "significant" birthday, my awesome sister wanted to enjoy nature (away from summer heat) and a beautiful venue with immediate family.

Recon by my brilliant nieces produced the perfect choice: Orcas Island with whale watching, hiking, kayaking, vistas, and charming Eastsound village. And they rented a spacious home with a big deck on the water.
Looking out at other San Juan Islands from the tower on top of Mt Constitution (2,409 ft; 734 m)

The largest lake is beautiful Mountain Lake in Morgan State Park which has a scenic hiking trail around its perimeter. 

Hiking at Mountain Lake and
the sunset view from our Vrbo rental house

From the deck we saw a regal bald eagle nearby contemplating life (or supper) for long periods of time; also good music on the deck and sweet nieces.

From our deck, it was only five miles to the maritime border with Canada. Even better, we could watch orcas shoot their spray out of the water when they surfaced.

Ferries are the vital connection to the mainland and they do not quite run like clockwork. T-shirts are sold that exclaim "WTF!" then "Where's the ferry?"

Happy Birthday, Sis!