June 7, 2010

Friendly people everywhere were the highlight of my trip to Bangladesh. Best of all was meeting Farhana’s fine brother and sister, Farzana and Abir, who were great fun and made me feel extra welcome. Engaging and energetic personalities run strong in the Rahman family!

I also loved the fantastic chaos of city streets packed (inches apart) with cars, throngs of wildly painted bicycle rickshaws, motorcycles, many three-wheel tuk-tuks, and all kinds of pedestrians from elegant matrons with dazzling saris to workers with only a lungi.

Since Jaiedy told us all about it, I had to visit the Shaheed Minar monument to the martyrs of the language movement. (Photo below with sales kids.) I saw other interesting historical places and educational museums, but nothing surpassed the exhilarating entertainment of just driving around Dhaka!

Other pics below include the ultra-modern Parliament, the old capital of Sonargaon, and the “pink palace” from British times (with some new friends).

Although this is monsoon season, I was lucky with only a few brief intense showers. Thanks to Farzana, Abir, Farhana, Jaiedy, Rauf, and Nadim for your help! Cheers, Bill