01 January 2012

The beautiful Sydney Harbor Bridge.

I took a 17 day trip around Australia and New Zealand to see the main tourist highlights starting with the Great Barrier Reef.

I squeezed in a little snorkeling to get a taste of the Great Barrier Reef.

Dusk at Uluru, or Ayers Rock

Morning at Uluru / Ayers Rock

Walking the nine beautiful kilometers around Uluru

Playing the aboriginal didgeridoo

Both Melbourne and Sydney are beautiful, clean, vibrant, green, impressive cities with excellent public transportation and large public gardens.

Sydney has more "iconic" scenes however.

My obligatory photo of the dramatic Sydney Opera House

From among the many wedding parties taking photos beside the Opera House

Sydney skyline
Famous but empty Bondi Beach on an unusually chilly, windy day.

My last day in Sydney was the first day of the three-week long Sydney festival featuring all kinds of music, dance, and performances in the parks and elsewhere.

Australia is much bigger than you might think. I just hit a few highlights and plan to return.

Sunset near Uluru / Ayers Rock