Sri Lanka V

18 July 2018

Kites at sunset over Colombo's Galle Face green.
Last year my extensive trip around the island hit the key destinations. (See my highlights here.)  But I'm still infatuated with Sri Lanka so I returned to just hang out in Kandy and Colombo for two weeks.

My fifth visit was once again a pleasure. After five busy weeks in Atlantic islands, Italy, and France, it was nice to sit back and soak in the mellow culture.

This time I left my camera behind, but did see a few good photo ops that I snapped with my mobile phone. So here they are...

Big Gall Face green is lively as ever and always entertaining.

I'd never seen so many kids on school trips to Galle Face.
Here is one group out of many.

One afternoon by the lake in the center of Kandy, these lily pads looked perfect.

Three women at my old hotel and a guy getting ready for the parade.

Every full moon day features a celebration by Buddhists here. By chance, I was in Kandy during Poson Poya (honoring the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka) and saw a good parade in front of my hotel.

Flying from Sri Lanka to India the clouds were magnificent.

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